Hello!  I'm Jillian, a professional coach and mind-body facilitator.  I live and coach from a place of possibility, in support of your authentic version of purposeful and fulfilled living.  My intention is to create a judgment-free, assumption-free space for you, without expectations that fit you fit a certain mold or definition of success. 

In my coaching philosophy, you don't need fixing; you are intrinsically a whole and complete leader of your life.  You have the answers. My role is to support you in uncovering your direction, and explore what it means to integrate what's true for you into a course of action. 

We may explore mind-body tools in our coaching sessions if they're helpful to your process of self-examination, connection, and forward progress.   In addition to coaching, I offer 1:1 and group breathwork, meditation, and yoga classes. 

I'm also an organizational psychologist by training and practice, and work every day to examine and improve systems in the corporate space.  This shows up in my coaching through questions that may explore the systems, challenges, and limiting beliefs that could be relevant for your experience. 

Yoga Credentials 


M.A. Change Leadership, Organizational Psychology

Columbia University

Coaching Credentials 

Academy of Creative Coaching

ACC Level Certification

PCC Level Certification 

Breathwork Credentials

Revelation Breathwork 

Level 1 Certification (1:1 Sessions)

Level 2 Certification (Groups) 

Organizational Psychology

Wellness Coaching

Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2015

Leads specialized workshops including Beginner Yoga Series, Corporate Events (mid-day event stretch and meditation breaks, employee classes), Group Meditations, Restorative Workshops

Experience teaching internationally in association with Jillian Pransky and the wellness travel company, Pravassa


Devotion Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Levels 1 and 2

Therapeutics Yoga Teacher Training - Level 1

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Modules 1 and 3

Yoga Collective 200 Hour Teacher Training





  • 1:1 Coaching 
  • Group Coaching
  • 1:1 Breathwork
  • Group Breathwork Classes
  • Guided Meditation Experiences 
  • Guided Yoga Classes
  • Corporate Options also Available
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